I am happy the sun’s rising, through the faint pink of my eyelids...

I write to you from Kansas City where I am briefly taking shelter in my own home, enjoying the calm before the storm. Over the past two years, while in lockdown, I have written and recorded a new album called This Is A Photograph. I have created a Substack to help document the journey of conceiving, capturing, and eventually releasing a new album. Here you will have access to my own personal deep dive of what it means for me to release something so close to my heart out into the world, and everything that brought it to life and everything that will come after it is released. I will be making weekly updates in forms of essays, photographs, drawings, voice notes, and eventually demo recordings — showing the slow and sometimes quick evolution of my songs. Other than the demos, everything will be free, but demos and any other new music will exist behind a paywall.

As the year presses on I will also be offering stories from life on the road in real time as well as updates on upcoming tour dates, new merchandise, etc. Think of this as a sort of fan club meets newsletter meets open diary. Let’s call it a Fam Club.

I have long wanted a place outside of social media to collect these certain aspects of my life that I love sharing with the public and am grateful to do that here on Substack, with you. I'd love to hear from you and interact through questions in the comments. See you soon and thank you.